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The evolution of the SCID
(Structural Clinical Interview for the DSM-5)

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Fully licensed by the American Psychiatric Association

The NetSCID-5 is the first computerized version of the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-5 (SCID-5) and is fully licensed by the American Psychiatric Association through American Psychiatric Association Publishing.

It follows TeleSage’s successful development and implementation of the NetSCID-IV, which has been used in hundreds of research studies. Both were developed in consultation with the author of the SCID, Dr. Michael First, and were made possible by SBIR grants from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH USA).

NetSCID Versions

  • Research (NetSCID-5-RV) now also available in Spanish
  • Clinical (NetSCID-5-CV)
  • Personality Disorder (NetSCID-5-PD)

“I participated in the development, validation and end user testing of the NetSCID. The NetSCID is faithful to the content of the paper SCID and at least as reliable and valid.”
Michael B. First, M.D.
Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Columbia University

“I have enjoyed using the NetSCID as a diagnostic tool. The NetSCID is user friendly and makes clinical interviews run more smoothly.”
Jessica Varner, MSW
Washington University in St. Louis–

“As a PI, I really appreciate the savings in time and resources associated with the NetSCID — the NetSCID is easier to use and more efficient than the paper SCID.”
Heidemarie Laurent, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of Oregon


Improves the accuracy of diagnostic results. For more information, see the validation section below.


Administer the interview that is right for you and your client. Select the relevant modules to administer. NetSCID-5 branches the user to the next appropriate question based on previous input. Progress is summarized on-screen.

Easy to Use

No special software is needed – only an up-to-date browser and internet connection. Administer via computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Data is kept secure and reliable on encrypted, geo-redundant servers. The entire system is fully HIPAA-compliant.


Fewer Error and Misdiagnoses
The NetSCID-5 improves the accuracy of your diagnostic results. Please see the Validation section for more information.

Full Diagnostic Report
Electronic Health Record (EHR)-ready diagnostic reports are provided for each interview containing ICD codes and full diagnostic text, including specifiers.

Customize Your Interview
Administer the interview that is right for you and your participant/client. Users may click their way to the optimal interview by selecting only the modules they wish to administer. Patient and non-patient comprehensive interview options are also available.

Automatic Calculations
No more flipping pages back and forth to confirm that Criteria A, B, C, & D are coded “3”. The NetSCID-5 automatically prefills diagnosis items based on the relevant criteria results. The diagnosis items are still able to be changed at the clinician’s discretion.

Automatic Branching
With the NetSCID-5, you can avoid the mental exercise of translating “If X questions were asked and full criteria were not met, then go to Y” and similar statements. The NetSCID-5 branches the user to the next appropriate question based on previous user input.

Relevant Question Presentation
In the paper version of the SCID-5, many questions contain text which accounts for every contingency. The NetSCID-5 omits multiple question text options and replaces them with the only applicable question text option based on previous input.

Open-Ended Notes Feature
No need for a notepad. Interview Notes provides a place for interviewers to write notes at any time during the interview, with no length constraint. For each individual question, interviewers also have the option to add open-ended Item Notes for event-specific information, justification for responses, questions/concerns, hypotheses, etc.

NetSCID-5 Advisor
The NetSCID-5 Advisor displays messages which are dependent on the responses to the previous screen’s questions. It confirms the rendering of diagnoses and specifiers, as well as displaying those which have been ruled out, providing the interviewer with instant feedback.

Diagnosis Tracker
The Diagnosis Tracker displays all confirmed diagnoses and specifiers during the current interview, and is easily accessible from every screen.

Mouseless Operation & Touchscreen Compatible
A blue box indicates the current item selection, permitting the interviewer to use the arrow keys alone in selecting a response. This feature is particularly useful for quickly digitizing your old paper SCID responses into the NetSCID-5. The NetSCID-5 is also fully touchscreen compatible, so it can be administered using a tablet (such as an iPad) or smartphone.

Secure Access
Each user is assigned a unique login and password that is assigned permissions based on Principal Investigator/Clinic Manager-approved roles. Up to three roles can be assigned per user: Interviewer, Report Viewer, Data Downloader. All data is stored using encrypted and geo-redundant servers, and the entire system is fully HIPAA-complaint.

On-screen Summary of Progress
Need to review the response to a specific item? No problem. At the touch of a button, users can view/hide a summary box containing a tree-diagram of every question administered and their associated responses as well as each diagnosis met. Items presented in the summary box are active links that take the user directly to the item – enabling instant navigation both forwards and backwards within the interview!

Resume Interviews
The NetSCID-5 makes it easy to pick up where you left off when an interview is cut short. You can also revisit completed interviews to correct errors.

View Interview Data
All administered items, responses, item notes, interview notes and item descriptions are are optionally displayed beneath the full report. This section includes the ability to resume the interview.

Comprehensive Database
No more data entry! Use your time for more fruitful analytic endeavors, such as identifying best practices, confirming study eligibility, establishing new or comorbid diagnoses, and engaging in other interesting and important analyses. Data can be accessed anytime with the Download Data feature, and is available in a horizontal tab-delimited set of text files which may be seamlessly imported into any spreadsheet or statistical analysis program (Excel, SPSS, SAS, R, etc). Access to data is hierarchically organized, with individual-, site-, project-, and organization-level permissions available.


Also available in Spanish.
NetSCID-5 RV is a comprehensive research-oriented 90-minute clinician-administered diagnostic assessment. The structured format of the SCID-5 with its direct adherence to DSM-5 criteria accounts for its strong test-re-test and inter-rater reliability and greatly improves the ability of researchers to accurately diagnose primary and comorbid mental disorders.

NetSCID-5 CV is heavily streamlined in content and in possible response options. Average interview length is only 30-45 minutes, roughly half the administration time of the Research Version. The Clinician Version retains the reliability and sensitivity of the Research Version in diagnosing mental health disorders.

NetSCID-5 PD assesses the ten DSM-5 Personality Disorders across Clusters A, B, and C as well as Other Specified Personality Disorder. Formerly known as the SCID II, it efficiently and accurately renders the most common diagnoses. The Screening Patient Questionnaire (SPQ) pre-populates the NetSCID-5 PD interview, further streamlining administration.


NetSCID-5 pricing is in two parts:

A per-interview fee which covers all licensing and royalties to APA Publishing (who own the SCID-5 content), and an annual per-user fee which covers all data storage, hosting, and security, as well as comprehensive technical support.

The per-interview prices are as follows:

► $25 – Research Version (RV) (bulk discount rate available if you or your organization will be purchasing more than 200 interviews)
► $20 – Clinician Version (CV)
► $15 – Personality Disorders (PD)

The per-user fee is $125 per year. We also offer discounts if your project will have >4 users.

All prices are in US dollars, and we offer a variety of payment methods such as direct bank transfer, ACH transfer, credit card, and PayPal.

Demo accounts to see the NetSCID-5 for yourself are available free of charge upon request.


Validation Study

Our validation research included 24 clinicians who administered the SCID to 230 participants who completed the paper SCID and/or the NetSCID. Data-entry errors, branching errors, and clinician satisfaction were quantified.

Ninety-seven (97%) percent of error rates occurred among clinicians administering the paper SCID; all errors that occurred when utilizing the NetSCID were subsequently corrected by our programmers. Administration time was reduced by over 30%. Clinicians found it easier to administer (p < 0.05), easier to navigate (p < 0.05), and simpler to score (p < 0.01). Ninety percent of clinicians preferred the NetSCID to its paper counterpart.

After the success of the initial validation of the NetSCID, it was released to academic research groups for beta testing. Over 8000 NetSCID interviews were conducted by 75 different university research groups in the United States, Canada, UK, South Africa, and Australia. Feedback from every group confirmed the results of the validation study:

– diagnostic errors were eliminated.
– compared to the paper SCID, administration time was reduced by over 30%.
– clinicians reported it to be much easier to use.

Review paper in full:

Validation of the NetSCID: an Automated Web-Based Adaptive Version of the SCID. Brodey, B.B., First, M., Linthicum, J., Haman, K., Sasiela, J.W., Ayer, D. (2016). Comprehensive Psychiatry, 66, 67-70. 
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.comppsych.2015.10.005


NetSCID: An automated web-based adaptive version of the SCID. Benjamin B. Brodey, MD, MPH and Lisa Zweede, MD, MS.

More Praise for NetSCID

“NetSCID provides an easily accessible and easy to navigate alternative to paper administration of the SCID. It allows you to engage more with the client as you are not overly occupied with trying to following the branching instructions of the paper SCID. NetSCID is definitely the future, particularly as organisations are increasingly moving toward a purely electronic approach to practice, including note taking. Once you start to use the NetSCID and practice with it the advantages speak for themselves.”
Professor Jane L. Ireland
Ashworth High Secure Hospital, Mersey Care NHS Trust
School of Psychology, University of Central Lancashire


“Our study involved conducting over 1,000 interviews using the NetSCID.  The SCID requires interviewers to follow skips and make calculations while maintaining a good rapport with the client and making sense of symptoms.  The NetSCID greatly simplifies this process.  We found that using the NetSCID substantially improved both our accuracy and efficiency. The NetSCID saves time and expenditure in data entry as data is entered during the course of the interview. Overall, the NetSCID made a critical contribution to our study – we can’t imagine how difficult our task would have been without it.”
Melissa Connell, PhD

Clinical Supervisor
The University of Queensland

“We thoroughly love working with the NetSCID. Using a computer-based administration for the SCID has shortened assessment time and made it easier to obtain reliability across raters. Having the computer automatically skip unwarranted sections saves more time and helps improve rapport with patients since there is no need to stop the interview while searching for the next appropriate module. It has also decreased rater frustration by smoothly guiding the assessment from one module to the next without interruption.
Marna S. Barrett, PhD

Research Projects Manager, Adjunct Associate Professor
Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania


“As someone responsible for maintaining the inter-rater reliability of SCID interviewers at Vanderbilt University, I have been struck by how much easier it is to gather and process information with the NetSCID than the paper SCID. I have found that when interviewers focus less on branching decisions, they are better able to listen to clients and ask better follow-up questions. We no longer need to pay someone to enter data retrospectively, and we don’t need to photocopy and store vast amounts of paper. I never want to go back to the paper SCID!”
Kirsten L. Haman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University


“As the PI of a small grant, the NetSCID software has helped me to save precious time and resources in administering SCID interviews. The NetSCID is easy to use, and it greatly reduces the possibility of human error during SCID administration. The NetSCID has saved me from needing to have the individual item-level data hand entered, checked and cleaned. The item-level data are immediately available and the diagnostic reports are accurate and clear. My biggest concern in moving to an electronic administration of the SCID was in being able to fluidly move between sections when additional information demanded it. The NetSCID team solved this beautifully in the latest version of their software. The customer support team has been exceptionally responsive to my comments and to the needs of an academic researcher.”
Jay C. Fournier, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine


“Thank you for all the support we received from your staff over the past 4 years — NetSCID was really helpful to my evaluators as we were doing clinical assessments, cutting the evaluation time to half of what it would have been if we’d had to complete every evaluation on paper! And whenever we did have difficulties, everyone at TeleSage was quick to respond to e-mails and phone requests for technical support.”
Kitty B. de Voogd, Assistant to the Vice Provost
Office of Faculty Affairs, University of Louisville


“The NetSCID is a wonderful tool for training, clinical, and research activities. It greatly improves the validity and reliability of diagnosis by ensuring accurate and thorough administration of the SCID through branching logic, notifying interviewers when they have missed items, recording notes taken during the interview, storing data electronically AND it saves paper. The NetSCID has been a huge asset across the hats I wear as a mentor, clinician, and researcher.”
Teresa Leyro, Ph.D.
Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Rutgers University

“Working with the NetSCID has been great. It’s efficient and easy to use; the features are simple and practical. Additionally, the staff at TeleSage have been responsive and friendly whenever we have a question. I am very glad that NIMH made it possible for the NetSCID to be developed.”
Samantha Meilman, Research Program Coordinator
Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, Johns Hopkins University


The NetSCID has enabled me to take on new and important research projects that would have been unfeasible without it. The NetSCID is an invaluable clinical tool.”
Dr. Carina Marsay
Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Psychiatry
University of the Witwatersrand


“The NetSCID has dramatically simplified and streamlined the interview process in our research studies. The note-taking feature is immensely helpful to our research assistants, who are able to capture supplemental information right into the program without the use of ancillary forms or paper. The ability to resume previous sessions is also helpful, in case a participant needs to take a break in the middle of an interview. It is hard to imagine returning to the paper SCID after having used the NetSCID!”
Christine A. Rabinak, PhD
Assistant Professor, Wayne State University


“Our study involved conducting over 1,000 interviews using the NetSCID. The SCID requires interviewers to follow skips and make calculations while maintaining a good rapport with the client and making sense of symptoms. The NetSCID greatly simplifies this process. We found that using the NetSCID substantially improved both our accuracy and efficiency. The NetSCID saves time and expenditure in data entry as data is entered during the course of the interview. Overall, the NetSCID made a critical contribution to our study – we can’t imagine how difficult our task would have been without it.”
Melissa Connell, PhD
Clinical Supervisor
University of Queensland, Australia


“Use of the NetSCID has made a significant contribution to the rigor of my study. The NetSCID is time efficient, user friendly, and great for electronic record keeping.”
Earlise C. Ward, PhD.
Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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