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Try the randomization demo

Our IVR and web products use an adaptive algorithm to randomly assign subjects with 4 prognostic factors (gender, age, education, doctor visit) into 3 cohorts, with balanced distribution in all 4 qualification areas.

IVR and Web use the same database for multi-modal use.

Feel free to try it out - the data is all just test data. Use 3-digit subject IDs.

To randomize a subject by phone:
Call: 866 449 2045 and follow the instructions.
Password: 87654321

To randomize a subject by web:
Browse: iquest.telesage.com
Password: 87654321

To view the aggregate and listed results:
Browse:  viewq.telesage.com
Login: tsrandom
Password: customer

For real projects:
Any number of qualification questions can be used.
Qualification questions may have any number of possible answers.
The number of cohorts is also not limited.
For example, you could randomize a sample of 65,000 subjects into 7 cohorts randomized by race, age decade, blood type, and several aspects of medical history.