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Smart Q-IVR VoIP™

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Survey Software

SmartQ-IVR VoIP™ is used worldwide by universities, market researchers, clinical research organizations (CROs), political pollsters, and Fortune 500 companies.

Millions Administered
SmartQ-IVR VoIP™ is used worldwide by universities for behavioral health research, market researchers for customer satisfaction surveys, clinical research organizations (CROs) for randomizations and participant diaries, political pollsters, and Fortune 500 companies.

Fully VOIP Compatible
Efficient data collection via branched, custom-designed surveys with advanced features like scoring, changes over time, and email alerts.

Flexible and Robust

  • Run up to 99 surveys simultaneously in any language
  • Gather numeric and spoken information
  • Relay individually tailored information
  • Route to specific questions, surveys, or telephone numbers based on their responses
  • Surveys can be simple or advanced, with calculations, database lookups, and conditional branching.

Additional Features

  • Automated Dialing
  • Randomization
  • Voice Recording of Open-ended Responses
  • Call Transfer
  • Automated Reports

and more . . .

Easy to Design and Maintain

All you need is SmartQ-IVR VoIP and an ordinary telephone. No special training or programming experience is required. Use simple ``point-and-click`` technology to design and edit your surveys with ease and efficiency, with minimal equipment in record time.

Instant Results

Responses are stored in a standard Microsoft Access or SQL Server database, where they are immediately available for real-time analysis and reporting. Results can be displayed on the Web with TeleSage ViewQ, validated and exported to other data centers using TeleSage DBI, and emailed in a formal report using TeleSage SendQ.


TeleSage SmartQ VoIP is an affordable alternative to large and costly interactive voice response (IVR) services. No expensive hardware is required, and 90 days of free tech support helps you get started without high labor costs or IT support.

“We have stringent demands from our customers to not only employ “standard” market research data collection methodologies such as nested question rotations and item-based conditional logic in our IVR systems, but we must also continue to strive to develop more and more sophisticated fraud prevention techniques and multi-modal quota control systems as we support the many incentivized campaigns our customers deploy nationwide. The technical team at TeleSage understands our business and continually enhances the SmartQuest software to facilitate this leading edge position. TeleSage is truly a highly valued ”

“The Telesage Automated Polling has been invaluable to both our corporate and political clients. We finally have a low-cost option to get accurate public opinion polling data for our clients on a quick turnaround basis. Plus, many of our political clients who are elected officials that have used us for it were instantly hooked when they realized how many different applications it has to gauge things like job performance, name identification and support prior to election day. And the technology was very easy to use and master.”

“As a market research firm, many of our clients depend on IVR surveys as a means to solicit valuable input from their customers. We have used SmartQ for 12 years and have been thrilled with the functionality, ease of use, and reliability of the application. Equally important, the technical support has been outstanding as they worked closely with our technical staff to improve and enhance the product over the years. Sterling Research Group, Inc. gives “TWO THUMBS UP” for SmartQ and the Telesage team!”

“SmartQ has been invaluable for randomizing patients participating in government and pharmaceutical industry clinical trials. We have been able to carry out simple, block and adaptive randomization. Using SmartQ’s E-mail option the system can instantly notify the sponsor and clinical monitors when a new patient has been randomized at a specific site and provide them with the patient’s characteristics. SmartQ has also allowed us to carry out real-time comparisons of responses during randomization with responses collected in our clinical data management system.”

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