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TeleSage and Telemedicine

Our web-based screenings and assessments can be administered with a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, and yield instant user-friendly reports with a rigorous differential diagnosis.

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Standardized with DSM-5

Our assessments are based on the critieria specified in the DSM-5, the official diagnostic manual used by psychiatrists. Several assessments were developed in consultation with the editor of the DSM-5.

Trusted and Used Across the Globe

Our screenings and assessments were developed with federal research funding and have been thoroughly peer-reviewed by other researchers. Currently our products are used worldwide by numerous universities, clinics, and the general public.

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Efficient, Accurate, and Secure

Diagnostic errors are reduced by computerizing automatic branching and symptom calculations.

Assessments yield an instant simple report with a rigorous differential diagnosis.

Evaluations can be entirely anonymous; no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is required.

Any client data is kept secure on HIPAA-compliant databases, with EHR integration available upon request.

Partnering to Improve the Lives of People Affected by Behavioral Health Issues

Benjamin Brodey

“As a psychiatrist treating public and private sector patients for many years, I saw the need for technology which could improve access to care, facilitate accurate diagnosis, and enable patient-centered outcomes tracking form home. With generous federal funding, TeleSage has worked to develop and market advanced behavioral health research tools (both products and services) in order to facilitate research and improve clinical care.

Our vision is to partner with researchers, clinicians, patients, universities, and electronic health record companies to improve the lives of people worldwide who suffer from mental illness and substance use.”

Dr. Benjamin Brodey, M.D., M.P.H
Founder and CEO of TeleSage

Our Current Partners and Customers Include:

columbia university
University of Michigan
John Hopkins
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System
Washing University
University of Calgary
Newcastle University
Baylor University
University of Sydney
Relate Malaysia
University of Notre Dame
Pomona College
Univerisy of Melbourne
Centra Medical Group
Johns Hopkins
University of Texas

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