About TeleSage

We develop and market advanced behavioral health tools to improve research and clinicial practices.

What We Do

For over 20 years, TeleSage has been providing cutting-edge behavioral health research and outcomes solutions to clinicians and researchers around the globe. Our products are designed to:

Improve the rigor and reliability of assessments

Increase participation in clinical trials and studies

Identify evidence-based practices

Reduce the placebo response rate

Decrease respondent and staff burden

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How We Got Started

In response to the growing need for behavioral health outcomes tracking, TeleSage was founded in 1996 for the purpose of gathering patient-centered outcomes tracking data for mental health clinical and research institutions. (This field was the precursor to what is now known as ‘Measurement Based Care’ which facilitates ‘Value Based Reimbursement.’)

With R&D funding from NIMH, NIDA, and CDC, TeleSage, Inc. pioneered the development and use of research tools for tracking patient-reported outcomes, including diagnostic assessment, treatment evaluation, and reporting to regulatory agencies.

Now and Where We’re Headed

TeleSage has developed and hosted behavioral health-related research software systems using IVR and Web-based technologies. TeleSage has also developed and validated several important instruments using state-of-the-art mathematical techniques including Item Response Theory (IRT) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) Learning.

Our current available assessments include the NetSCID, the SAGE-SR, and the NetDISC-5. TeleSage has become a world leader in behavioral health outcomes tracking technologies. We are continuing to develop new assessments including a personality disorder version of the SAGE-SR.


Funding from NIMH, CDC, and NIDA grants to develop diagnostic and measurement-based care technologies


Research studies that TeleSage has supported in the last year alone


Client-centered surveys that TeleSage has administered

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Meet the Team
Benjamin B. Brodey

Benjamin B. Brodey, MD, MPH


Over 20 years ago, Dr. Benjamin Brodey founded TeleSage, a company that has provided Behavioral Health Solutions to clinicians and researchers globally. Dr. Brodey has successfully written and been awarded 36 NIH grants. These grants have been used to develop web-based tools to: improve the rigor and reliability of patient and clinician centered assessments, reduce placebo response rates, increase research participation, decrease respondent/staff burden, and support evidence-based practices in clinical practice and clinical trials worldwide. Dr. Brodey holds a BS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MD from Harvard Medical School, and a MPH from University of Washington. Dr. Brodey completed his training as a psychiatrist at the Yale School of Medicine.

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